"When Opposites No Longer Attract"

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When Opposites No Longer Attract
Op-ed: When Opposites No Longer Attract

Imagine you're in a straight marriage and wondering if you might be gay. Maybe it's clear that you are gay. Now what do you do?

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Ben Hobson, Married Father, Comes Out As Gay In Heartwarming Video

In this inspiring video, 25-year-old Ben Hobson shares the story about his journey to living as his authentic realized self as a gay man — and a married father.

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What Happened When I Came Out to My Wife and Kids

How do I look? This was the about the fifth time I asked my wife that question.

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Modern Bear

I wanted to thank Modern Bear magazine (http://modernbear.net/) Editors Travis Smith and Chris Bale for the opportunity to be featured on Modern Bear's FB page.

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Ellen and NYT book review

I sent the books off on Wednesday, Aug 15 to both Ellen and the book reviewers at the New York Times. Let's cross our fingers that one or both picks it up!

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A copy of the book was sent to the HRC on 8/15 to be considered for the HRC LGBT speaker series.

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Evelyn Bonilla Chose ‘Love, Compassion And Understanding’ When Her Husband Henry Came Out As Gay

Evelyn Bonilla joined HuffPost Live to share the very personal story of how she reacted when her ex-husband, Henry Veguilla, came out as gay.

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My husband is not gay, reality show on TLC

TLC has aired two reality shows featuring Mormon polygamous families, but is now taking it a step further with Mormon couples in which the man is attracted to other men.

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Book excerpt from The Advocate online

The following is a condensed excerpt from Michael Testa’s new book, When Opposites No Longer Attract: Inspiring Stories of Eight Men and Women Who Left Straight Marriages and Came Out as Gay.

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The New Mixed Marriage: One Straight Spouse, One Gay Spouse

When we think of a “mixed marriage,” we typically imagine two individuals of different races or religions. But the mixed-orientation marriage — with one straight spouse and one who’s gay or lesbian — is just as real, though far more likely to operate underground.

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“It’s a helluva start, being able to recognize what makes you happy.”

—Lucille Ball

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Michael Testa wrote an amazing book. It has helped me firstly to examine myself and where do I want to be and secondly realize I am not alone.
I have more courage now and have been inspired to really think about my life.
Thank you Mike for sharing these stories including yours.

- John

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